Vine app quickly descends into mass, all-in bongofest...

28 January 2013

There’s been a new innovation in the weird world of social media in the past few days – but the filthy porn dogs have already got their paws on it and are flooding it with unmentionable footage of reproductive organ films.

The app is called Vine and it’s a video-sharing thing that is owned by Twitter. Users can upload up to six seconds of footage quickly and easily, but some people have been using the service to upload PRONORGRAPHY.

If you know what you’re doing, it’s not too taxing to find a LOT of these mucky Vine videos, but we’re not going to tell you how to do it, you filthy bunch. But in just a few short days, the whole thing has all gone horribly ChatRoulette.

It looks as though the bosses at Twitter will put content advisory warnings in front of saucy Vine posts, given that they’re generally opposed to censorship, although as the app is iOS-only at the moment, the rather more prudish Apple might have something to say about how Vine is being used once it’s been sold in their store.

Have YOU made a rudey Vine vid? Please keep it to yourself.

UPDATE: One particularly graphic piece of XXX action has appeared as an 'Editor's Pick' on the Vine app earlier on. Oh dear.

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  • kv
    what's this PRONORGRAPHY of which you speak?
  • Lord S.
    It's that thing you watch when your MABERSTATING
  • Lord S.
    I meant *You're* - Before the spelling Nazis get me...
  • Rosco C.
    "Twatter" more like!
  • Mary H.
    6 seconds? Just enough time to whack one off.

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