Upload videos as comments on Facebook

10 June 2016
Upload videos as comments on Facebook

Facebook have had an idea - they're going to let you upload videos in the comments section of posts.

That's great news if you want to leave long, rambling declarations of love on your favourite celebrity's latest post about cancelling some tour dates, or leaving threatening messages on a snack manufacturer who has just said something in support of gay people.

Can't see any problems with this, at all.

Bob Baldwin, who is an engineer for Facebook, said that the social network developed the feature in February, and now, it is ready to launch.

Basically, when you're using Facebook, keep an eye out for a little button on the comments that looks like a camera. Click that, and you can upload a video that you've pre-recorded on your device.

Now, for the time being, it'll be a desktop-only affair, but if it takes off, it'll inevitably be rolled out to mobile too.

We suspect it'll be included in the next update of the Android and iOS versions of the Facebook app.

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