University ‘Rate Your Shag’ Facebook row

29 May 2013

Showing the kind of typical show-off stupidity that causes them to steal traffic cones and do vodka shots in their eyes, university students all over the country are creating ‘Rate Your Shag’ Facebook pages.


On these pages, sad little pustuled bell ends discuss the quality of their drunken fumbles, and some actually mention their partners by name. Naturally, it’s mostly about women shaming (LOL!) and posturing and just generally being a waste of human flesh. The University of Newcastle and Nottingham University are amongst the culprits.

‘Name them, shame them, and if you must, praise them,’ they urge, giggling into their crusty wank socks. Users are invited to rate their (probably fictional) shags out of 10 - without the knowledge of the other person.

This dastardly scheme, which gathered 20,000 likes in 72 hours, is not only stupid but contravenes all kinds of privacy laws, and could end up with legal action being taken against Facebook.
Facebook have already removed some of the pages, and Nottingham University have condemned them, promising disciplinary action will be taken against students who have posted defamatory claims.

Still, the good news is that when they're removed, these idiots will have plenty of extra free time to build beer can mountains and contemplate their bleak, jobless futures.


  • Rob
    Your first paragraph sums up nicely why this is a non-story ...
  • Alexis
    "could end up with legal action being taken against Facebook." And we know how successful those kinds of claims are.
  • WhatTheHell
    Every time I see Lucy Sweet as the author of an article, I know there's going to be a load of crap in the comments. Grow up you misogynistic assholes.
  • Bernie I.
    Can't you just feel the love in the room?
  • Dr Z.
    I'm sensing anger in those two.
  • Lucy S.
    I'm sensing everyone has missed the article entirely and not one person is posting under their real names.
  • Phil M.
  • Shiftyniftysshadow
    Duck...just wish her articles were 9/10 .....
  • Mustapha S.
    @Andy - why not just close the comments section? Can't really remember the last time I read a insightful comment. Might have been something to do with a fox.
  • WaNkY H.
  • Andy D.
    @Mustapaha - Halcyon days, the fox era. HALCYON DAYS.
  • Mike O.
    Its wierd that none of the male writers get the quantity of childish, moronic, playground level remarks Lucy gets isnt it. Really are a bunch of cretins most of the commentors really. And anti-semitic? Yeah right. F*** off knob end.
  • jiggle
    I enjoyed the article and the comments.
  • Old N.
    Havent been on this crapbag of a website for ages and its still as bad as I remember. Meat head Dawson slagging off the readers and copy/pasted articles that are so old that fox bumming comments are a more insightful read Give up BW. Nobody will want to buy this half-arsed website
  • Andy D.
    I'm not slagging off the readers - the vast majority of them are lovely. Crucially, they're not the type of people who leave comments on websites. Because there very definitely is a 'type', and you, 'Old News' fit the bill perfectly.
  • Dr Z.
    I'm with you on this one Andy. Those who feel the need to post on here are a right bunch of cnuts.
  • Old N.
    If you are after the type that dont leave comments, then its a bit pointless having a comment section. As 'lovely' readers dont leave comments, how can you be sure that you actually have any other readers. Proper shambles.
  • Andy D.
    Erm, stats?
  • May B.
    In a recent survey, 90% of respondents claimed they read the site but felt too intimidated to actually leave a comment. (Based on a survey of 10 Bitter Wallet contributors)

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