Unfriending someone on Facebook is bullying

25 September 2015

Bitterwallet - Facebook You might think Facebook is little more than a bunch of admin you have to do, or a distraction when you're having a poo. Well, it is much more serious than that - if you unfriend someone, you could be bullying them. No, honestly. 2015 everyone.

A workplace tribunal has ruled exactly that, in a case between two former colleagues at an estate agent in Australia.

The tribunal heard that two people had fallen out with each other over a lost sale, and then, at some point, one of them unfriended the other on the social network. Apparently, this behaviour showed a 'lack of emotional maturity'.

Rachael Roberts, the victim in all of this, was being upset by Lisa Bird. Roberts went to her boss to complain about Bird, and on exiting the meeting, the Roberts found she'd been unfriended on Facebook. Nicole Wells, of the commission said: "Mrs Bird took the first opportunity to draw a line under the relationship with Ms Roberts ... when she removed her as a friend on Facebook as she did not like Ms Roberts and would prefer not to have to deal with her."

This constitutes "a lack of emotional maturity and is indicative of unreasonable behaviour". Bird also told Roberts that she was 'like a schoolgirl', running off to grass on her to the boss. This was "provocative and disobliging".

The tribunal noted that Roberts was signed-off work as a result of all this, and thanks to Bird's behaviour, posed a risk to the employee’s health and safety.

So there you go. We advise that all Bitterwallet readers don't make friends with anyone, in case something like this happens. Shouldn't be too difficult, should it?

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  • Fagin
    Facebook Wankers! (Another reason not to indulge in the flabby armed digital over the fence bitch-fest).
  • Father J.
    Serves the tard right for being on Farcebook in the first place.

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