Twitter's shares slump and news of messing with timelines

29 April 2015

Twitter-Logo1 Twitter is going to start messing around with everyone's timelines. This is irritating news for those that like the platform and it's 'live' feel. Of course, those that don't like or understand Twitter will resort to making tired jokes about photographs of people's lunches or puns like 'twatter'.

One of Twitter's big successes was that the information you wanted came in real time, unlike Facebook that curates your timeline and gives prominence to posts based on a variety of algorithms, rather than what you've decided to look at yourself.

Facebook basically take all the posts you might see, and reduces them down to around 300 posts. That means there's a lot of things your friends (or pages you've liked) are disappearing through the virtual cracks.

According to chief executive Dick Costolo, Twitter won't be applying a Facebook-style filter. "As we iterate on the logged out experience and curate topics, events, moments that unfold on the platform, you should absolutely expect us to deliver those experiences across the total audience and that includes logged in users and users in syndication."

"By organising our content in a way that’s easily discovered and consumed, we extend the reach of Twitter far beyond the 302 million people who log in every month,” said Costolo. "We first introduced the logged out home page on desktop in the US and we intend to bring it more places over time, while also iterating on it and making improvements that keep it informative, entertaining and relevant."

It looks like Twitter are happy to risk the irritation of early adopters in a bid to make the network more accessible for newcomers. Or, most pertinently, this will make it easier for Twitter to make some money from adverts that can't be easily placed in the current system.

And money is on the mind of Twitter's bosses, as trading in the social network's shares was suspended in New York after a tweet containing the company's latest results kicked off a drop in the company's value. Twitter's value dropped by 20% and when trading resumed today, the company lost more stock, even though monthly users to the site were up by 18%.

For such a huge platform, Twitter accounted for less than 1% of the $145bn digital advertising market last year, while Google's share was over 31% and Facebook's, 8%.

Something needs to be fixed at Twitter, but will it be something that alienates core users?

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  • It P.
    [...] Twitter has recently released their new financial results, and they weren’t good. In addition, it seems that other things are not going so well with the social media platform. The Twitter earnings’ report has been a scandal of epic proportions. First, it was leaked. Second, the results were poor. And third, they contained something hidden, particularly in the sentence uttered by the Twitter CEO. [...]

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