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We told you recently about embracing social media, encouraging brand loyalty and all that marketing bollocks by setting up a Twitter account and giving away free flights. On the very first day, it was Bitterwallet reader Rob that won the trip to Alicante, the lucky blighter.

So is all well and rosy in the world of Twitter? Not a bit of it. Say hello to Jet2.con, a new Twitter account that appeared yesterday, using the same colour schemes and graphics as's page, but which is dishing out customer complaints registered with as yet uncredited source, which we've tracked down to Skytrax - a website that rates and reviews over 600 airlines and a similar number of airports:

The driving forcing behind Jet2.con is the creator's claim that the budget airline suggested some specific "advice" which led to them personally losing £381. When the individual complained, the airline failed to produce a recording of the conversation with Customer Services, claiming it was "lost". "I've flown with them many times before," says the complainant, "but when things go wrong they don't want to know at all."

Every message that Jet2.con is posting is presented as a @reply to, meaning that the airline is well aware of all these messages. Will the airline attempt to have the Twitter page shut down? Twitter has so far only closed accounts that misrepresent individuals and companies, but not those that criticise them.


  • Junkyard will argue that the account's name, colour scheme and logo are similar enough to create confusion. Twitter will agree, the account will be shut down, people will be up in arms about it briefly before forgetting it ever happened. There, I've saved you the bother of following future developments in this story.
  • dave
    A twitter account isn't copyrighted, so the story doesn't end there.
  • Pure-Klenz
    Junkyard rules!
  • The S.
    I,m gonna create a twitter, twatter or what ever the fug its called and post all the shit you geordies post here...hang on you've saved me the time & effort by posting it thar youselves
  • no,I'mspartacus
    Who goes there? Sorry, the account you were headed to has been suspended due to strange activity. Mosey along now, nothing to see here. Looks like jet2 could'nt handle the truth.
  • Making S.
    [...] [...]

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