Twitter to launch music service

14 March 2013

Want to hear the new song by the Grunting Pooflaps? Or find out more about that great new singer Lorem Ipsum Qwertyuiop?

In BREAKING NEWS, Twitter is about to launch their own branded music discovery app, using the technology they acquired from We Are Hunted last year.

Called Twitter Music, it may be released by the end of the month and offers you a personalized selection of music based on accounts you follow on Twitter (DEAR GOD). Songs are then streamed through SoundCloud.

It’s also an attempt to bring in more young folks, based on the idea that musicians are the most followed celebs on Twitter. Twitter will suggest artists for you to listen to based on your activity, and will recommend new artists.

It’s a great way for new bands to get their music out there – providing you follow the right people. However, if you follow a bunch of eejits, you could find Twitter suggesting that you listen to The Wurzels (I mean, Mumford and Sons). And that would be bad. Still, it’s another great way to weed out the c***s.

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  • Dick
    It would be great if they limited the songs to 140 characters. They could introduce a similar movie version too. Ideal for Stallone films.
  • Fat H.
    @Dick "Don't push it"
  • Lothario
    Any chance we can get Lucy's insightful journalistic prose as a podcast? I, for one, would enjoy hearing her dulcet tones reading the above out loud.

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