Twitter to extend 140 characters, next week

Twitter extends 140, next week

There's always a lot of chatter about Twitter's character limit being extended from the current 140 limit, but as of September 19th, it looks like they're actually going to do it.

Twitter have already confirmed that photos, videos, GIFs, polls and quoted tweets will soon stop counting as part of the character limit, as well as @'ed names when you're replying to someone.

Basically, this all means you'll be able to get more words in, which is handy if you're abusing your friends about their new haircut, heaping praise on an album you've been listening to, or threatening a complete stranger with violence about something thunderously menial.

Twitter haven't given an official date, but we've heard that this will be happening next Monday.

"We appreciate that the beauty of the platform is the brevity and speed of interactions," says Dara Nasr, managing director at Twitter UK.

"But sometimes you write a perfectly crafted 139-character tweet and then add a photo or a video to a tweet and it goes over the character limit, and you have to waste time cutting it down."

"This is simply a way of allowing people who use the service to make most of the tweet and not feel frustrated."

Twitter have introduced a number of features over the last year, including the 'mute' option (which is like blocking someone, but one they won't be able to see), and the 'Moments' tab, which rounds up what everyone is talking about, should you need some help with that.

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