Twitter to copy Facebook and start deciding what you see?

5 September 2014

Twitter-Logo1 Twitter could be moving away from its traditional chronological feed and become more of a Facebook-type filtered affair.

That is according to comments made by the company’s financial chief Anthony Noto at a conference in New York.

According to Noto, the way Twitter has operated for its eight years, with users feeds showing the newest tweets from people they're following, sometimes means that they miss out on more interesting or important tweets.

“Putting that content in front of the person at that moment in time is a way to organize that content better,” Noto said.

Twitter has made slight tweaks and changes to its layout in the last year or so, with the introduction of stream tweets favourited, which has polarised users.

Facebook still has the larger amount of users, along with algorithms which can decide on what to show in feeds.

Although that's not without its criticism, as users have pointed out that the news feed on Facebook may have hidden more personal updates lower down due to its preference for what's trending and more popular. Of course, one of the things that people like about Twitter is that the information you get from it is raw - and there's concern that social networks are feeling the need to decide what a person sees. Surely deciding who you do and don't follow is curation enough?

Maybe Twitter should just stick to what it knows and avoid all this, and keep to its strengths of being a vessel of shouting and livetweeting the X Factor?

One thing's for sure - a lot of people use Twitter because they don't like the way Facebook does things, so copying them is not the greatest idea.

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