Twitter is down

19 January 2016

Twitter-Logo1 If you think Facebook seems busier than usual, that might be something to do with Twitter being down, and of course, FB is methadone to Twitter's heroin for some folk.

The desktop version has been borked, as well as the mobile app. People visiting the site have been greeted with the "something is technically wrong" message, leaving non-users to say make that joke about 'why should anyone care about what [celebrity X] has had for their [insert meal here]'.

The official app is not working, failing to load up, as well as Tweetdeck (Twitter's other client), which isn't doing what it is supposed to.

Twitter's API status page showed problems with most parts of the site, with things kicking off royally around 8am.

This outage seems to be affecting people from all over the globe too, which is a pain for people who want to make horrible threats to women online, and very annoying for the kind of people who want everything they disagree with, banned and banished. We feel most for those people who just want to shout "QUEEN!" at their favourite popstars.

Anyway, here's a graph from just now. Things will be fixed soon enough, we suspect.

twitter down


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