Twitter changing character limit... but in a good way!

Twitter character limit

There's been a lot of talk about Twitter changing the 140 character limit, which has had a mixed reception. Some are annoyed by the constraints of the limit, while others love the brevity of it, and think it makes the whole thing what it is.

Either way, it is a social media powerhouse, but still needs to improve things, as their results haven't been as great as they'd hoped.

Well, here comes one an idea from Twitter which is genuinely good, and should keep all users happy - they're looking at changing the character limit, by keeping the text as a 140 characters, and not including link and photo URLs in that.

Twitter stopping including photos and links in character counts could happen in the next fortnight too, and is a very smart move.

While URLs are automatically shortened, they still take up space and eat valuable characters. That means you can be a little wordier while sharing a photo or a link to an article, or whatever.

It is a much better idea than the previous one floated around, where users would have been able to compose tweets that were thousands of characters long, with a 'read more' button.

Of course, Twitter want you to include more media in tweets - they launched their photo filter services within the network, as well as the GIF button, which everyone immediately took to.

There's also the polls they utilise, which of course, is a rousing success when Richard Osman does his World Cup of Crisps (Cheese Moments, unfairly overlooked at the time of writing). There's also Moments, which Twitter's users still seem a little unsure about.

Either way, soon you'll be able to say more, but not too much, which is just great.

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