Twitter changes character limit

25 May 2016
Twitter changes character limit

We talked about Twitter changing their character limit, and now they've done it.

As predicted, user names and media attachments (like videos, photos, gifs and the like) will not count toward the length of a tweet anymore, leaving you to write the whole 140 characters.

Twitter chief exec, Jack Dorsey, says: "A few simple changes to make conversations on Twitter easier! And no more removing characters for images or videos!"

There's more changes as well.

You can now retweet yourself (in case everyone missed your genius the first and second time around) and quote-tweet yourself.

Twitter have got rid of the need for the "[email protected]," tweet. If you're wondering what that means, basically, if you start a tweet with just an '@' symbol, the only person seeing that is the person you've tweeted, and people who follow both you and your recipient.

The fullstop before the '@' means everyone on your feed can see it. That means, really annoying people who repeatedly complain or troll someone start tweets with '[email protected]', so they can show off to their whole feed about just how unhappy they are.

Now, without the fullstop, Twitter will show everyone your tweet, provided it isn't a reply to someone else. So basically, if you write a tweet from scratch and start it with the '@' symbol, everyone will see it on your feed.

It seems like a pretty pointless development, and could well make your timeline a complete mess, but there we go.

We would've preferred it if Twitter had come up with a way of muting all tweets that start with '[email protected]', so we don't have to read countless tweets from people complaining to train companies and celebrities.

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