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5 April 2012

twickets-logo_route3_sheet2 If you’re after event tickets and want to beat the venal scum that is ‘official resellers’ and online touts, up until now, you’ve been fairly stuck for choice. The delightfully ethical Scarlet Mist is a ticket exchange site where you’ll only pay face value for tickets but that’s generally it.

Until now. The increasingly useful Twitter service has thrown up an account called @twickets and it works thus. If you’ve got a spare ticket or tickets for an event, all you do is tweet about it and use the #twickets hashtag. The good people at @twickets will then pick it up and retweet it to their followers. Only tickets that are to be moved on at face value or less are allowed to be retweeted via the account so that there’s no nasty sharkery at play.

In the past few hours, we’ve managed to nab ourselves tickets for Primus, Alan Davies and Ladies’ Day at Aintree! Result!

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  • klingelton
    I hope ladies day falls on a saturday this year, Andina Dawson.
  • shoplifter
    Phoar!!!!!!!!! ladies day...Phoar!!!!!!!!
  • Mary H.
    Should be loads of Alan Davies tickets, the unfunny spring haired lisping twat!
  • The B.
    Primus? Really? Are they still going? Or are they playing Ladies Day?
  • Alan's m.
    Some species of dinosaur were the size of chickens.
  • Graeme
    That bird has a penis! No hang on, no, it's a ticket. Similar though.
  • Graeme's f.
    Hehe - that bird's arse says "admit one". Just like your tattoo Graeme!

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