Turtle Bay black customers up in 2015 for #RASTAFYME

Turtle Bay were involved in that tipping scandal, and now, people are calling them massive racists. Why? Somehow, an entire company managed to fail to spot that putting dreadlocks on your customers, who you have blacked-up, might cause grief.

If you missed it, Turtle Bay ran a hashtag and game called #RASTAFYME, where people we invited to submit photos of themselves, and they would be turned into Rastafarians.


Now, seeing as Turtle Bay deal solely in Caribbean food, you'd think they'd be a little sensitive to people actually from the Caribbean, wouldn't you?

Of course, their social media has been an embarrassment of mock-patois since the company started, saying 'ting' about everything and in one case, referring to a drink's ingredients with "mek de perfect Jammin' cocktail".

If that gave a clue of the company having little or no connection to Caribbean culture, then it is fair to assume that Turtle Bay had no idea what they'd get themselves in for by using Rastafarianism for a marketing campaign. In short, what with it being a religion, when you start taking the piss, you get yourself in trouble.

And then there's the whole Blacking People Up In 2015 thing too.

Turtle Bay tweeted: "Guys Sorry for the offence caused. This was from an external person who has been dealt with. We have just got to the bottom of it. Apologies"

So there's the apology, but really, this must have been signed off by numerous people in the company before it got to their social media accounts. Obviously, they've deleted all the offending tweets now, but checking the #RASTAFYME hashtag on Twitter, they've made a lot of people very unhappy.

Golden rule of marketing - try not to offend anyone.

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