Tuesday is the new Wednesday

New research has confirmed what we knew all along - that Tuesday is an arse. In fact, it’s such an arse that it’s become the new hump day, the term we all use to refer to the summit of the poo pile that is the average working week. And it’s also the day that workers feel most dissatisfied with their jobs.


Using social media tracking tools, data from Computeach shows that more people apply for other opportunities or further education classes during their Tuesday lunch break than any other day of the week. In fact, it rises by 27%.

And by scoping out Twitter - that ever reliable barometer of our work dissatisfaction – using a monitoring tool called Topsy, they found that we write our most negative ‘my boss is a ****’ tweets on a Tuesday. Negativity goes down towards the weekend and then spikes again on Monday, with a few dark rumblings on Sunday evening.

But if Tuesday is the biggest stool in the gleaming toilet that is the working week, it’s also because it’s the day we feel most inclined to do something about our miserable lives. Web psychologist Natalie Nihai supported the findings, saying that ‘after a Monday slump, workers perhaps have more resolve on a Tuesday.’

So come on - take Tuesday by the horns and go and get yourself that brilliant new job! (At Lidl).

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