Train company get hammered on Twitter

24 April 2014

There's a lot of companies on Twitter who really don't understand how the thing works. The NYPD decided to ask New York residents to send them photos, with predictable results.

The folks running Greater Anglia's Twitter account have also dropped a clanger. What started off with a typical complaint - 'A bus drove straight by me without stopping' - continued with the usual apologies and platitudes. Then, thanks to tweets being signed-off, you could see a handover and the second person involved in the complaint, in short, got their arses handed to them.

'JA' asked someone else chipping in on the conversation to "please refrain from routinely contacting other users who are not your own followers via our feed." In short, Greater Anglia were telling someone who they can and can't talk to in a public forum.

greater anglia twitter

Apparently, this is company policy. The policy being that Greater Anglia can block someone because they're talking to someone. Of course, Greater Anglia can block who they like, but their reasons are, frankly, baffling.

Naturally, this soon caught the attention of others and, soon enough, everyone was queuing up to take the piss out of Greater Anglia.

If you want to watch a load of people mocking someone for being wilfully thick, have a scroll through this. This is a good lesson in how to run your social media account badly.

Edit: The original tweet seems to have been removed, but there's more here.

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