#TPforyourbumhole: Bog roll goes interactive

11 March 2014

sxsw-refresh-300x300 We live in a world where even dogs at Crufts have their own hashtag (#colinthepomeranian, you were robbed). Now, a toilet paper brand has been making a social media stink at SXSW Interactive in Austin, Texas.

Cottonelle have not only set up an onsite area called the Refresh Lounge, but they’ve started a hashtag called – wait for it - #letstalkbums.

Do we have to #talkbums? Well, Cottonelle want to – they’re keen to promote their new ‘SafeFlush’ technology, which allows wipers and poopers to flush with impunity. And obviously, there’s got to be a social media presence, even though nobody really wants to talk about bums EVER.

It’s the latest in a long line of companies desperately trying to shoehorn their products into the world of social media– trying to start an ‘organic conversation’ about tampons or furniture polish or cereal in a variety of increasingly desperate ways.

Yet it’s not stopping Cottonelle, who are a major presence at the conference – in the Refresh Lounge you can get a massage or have your hair dyed toilet-water blue, and it also has phone and tablet charging stations. And the bathrooms are stocked with more bum wipes than you can shake a (shitty) stick at.

And guess what? As a result, #letstalkbums is trending on Twitter.


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  • JonB
    "Bum" in American means a homeless person, so maybe they are highlighting the plight of the downtrodden?
  • Shiftyniftysshadow
    Talking out of their arse again

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