Toyota apologises with heartfelt sincerity on YouTube

9 February 2010

The Toyota recall of their vehicles following reports of sticking accelerators, while obviously a very serious issue raising grave concerns over safety, has also been good for a few laughs, too. For example, the unofficial Viz Top Tops account on Twitter has provided plenty in recent days:

  • SPEEDING MOTORISTS - just put a Toyota badge on your car.
  • PETROL HEADS - fool your neighbours into thinking you own a Toyota by driving at 80mph into the side of their house.
  • WATCH OUT! The car behind is a Toyota.

Meanwhile, Toyota jumped on the new-fangled media bandwagon of pleading for forgiveness via the medium of YouTube. Director of operations in Blighty, Jon Williams, stares the camera down as if it spilt his pint, failing to realise that apologies look less convincing if you force yourself not to blink throughout. If you still haven't found time to watch four and a half minutes of a global corporation apologising and pronouncing Toyota as Ter-rurta, here's a quick summary:

  • We've really quite sorry, but hey, everything's ok. My family drives a Toyota so what's to worry aobut, eh?
  • Apart from there's a chance it'll kill you! Wahhhh!
  • Here's the science part - concentrate. Your accelerator pedal is screwed. There we are.
  • New parts for your cars will begin arriving next week.
  • If you don't contact us willingly, we will utilise the DVLA to hunt you down like the dogs you are.
  • The repair takes just thirty minutes and it's free of charge for all Toyota owners. Assuming you live that long.
  • Again, we're really sorry. Sorry. Cheers.

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  • Rolly
    Well at least Toyota have done something about their faulty parts. Renault are happy for their motorists to carry on regardless with faulty bonet catches which break and allow your bonnet to fly up as youre driving at 70Mph. I know which brand I'd rather buy from: the one that gives a sh*t.
  • MayContainNuts
    I don't give a shit that you're fixing my car for free, you bastards - I'd expect that. What I'm pissed off about is the fact that the resale value of my Avensis has probably dropped to 30p and a bag of donkey shit in the past 2 weeks... What are you going to do about that, fuckers?
  • thekanester
    Seemed pretty sincere to me! Well done Toyota.
  • ThatGingeFromAmericanPie
    Aren't Toyota a technically inferior Honda? And at around the same sort of price? Anyways I'll stick to my shite French cars.
  • Tom
    They've done more for motorists than any other car company. I bet MayContainNuts is the type of British worker who KILLED our motor industry in the 60s-70s. Well done mate.
  • -]
    Eh? The bosses KILLED our motor industry, not the workers. Toyota may have "done more" than any other car company, but that is because in recent years they have also failed more spectacularly than most other auto brands.
  • MayContainNuts
    It's true! 15 years before I was born I was crapping on the British car industry. Surely, if Toyota have done so much and encouraged me to buy Japanese, not British, it is in fact Toyota who killed "our" motor industry? A shit car is a shit car, whether it's British, Japanese or whatever.
  • d72
    I think BMWs have sticky accelerator pedals too...or maybe that's just because they're driven by toff cnuts?
  • DavtT
    The car in front is a Toyota cos the accelerators stuck and the brakes don't work!
  • charitynjw
    "The car in front is your brakes"

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