Top Man rile the Twitter crowd with thick-headed T-shirt

14 September 2011

The angry mob of Twitter are marching on the account of @TopManUK at the moment, following the discovery that the stupid clothing retailer are selling a T-shirt that the angry mob have decided is unacceptable. It’s this.


What do you think to THAT then? We know how this goes – there’s a tweeting campaign that rapidly grows in size and some time later today or early tomorrow, Top Man announce that they are removing the T-shirt from sale, while quietly licking their lips at the free publicity they’ve hoovered up.

As far as we’re concerned, we think they should continue to sell the thing. It’s an easy way of identifying people who are spotted wearing it as thundering bell-ends who are to be avoided at all costs.


EDIT: And there it is, almost at the same time as we published the story on here.

Screen Shot 2011-09-14 at 14.37.26

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  • Steve
    Its a stupid shirt but I've seen much worse, both worn and for sale, on the high street.
  • Liam
    If you don't like it then don't fucking shop there! It is the same rabble of those UK Uncut scruffs who are bemoaning with their self-rightous crap again?
  • Bottom M.
    TOPMAN. The irony's in the name folks. Mugs.
  • Davey B.
    The message on the tee doesn't really make any sense anyway. It's just not funny, and only a tool would wear it.
  • Gav
    So why mo massive campaign against t's with FCUK across the front then?
  • BitchBoy
    Half the women in the country are dogs - so the potential to cause offence is immense, especially to TopShops own customer base, so I guess a bit of an own goal.
  • Dick
    Why don't they do a racist one instead, it will get more headlines.
  • Matt
    Nah you want one with a picture of Mohammed on it, then see the publicity you get.
  • Dick
    I initially thought it was a Welsh thing. What breed of sheep. As above, it is not really funny, but hardly offensive. Most T-shirt slogans could be seen as offensive to a complete prude / twitter user.
  • Mark C.
    Well I suppose they're as entitled to go for the cretin demographic as anyone on Camden Market and a million mail order sites. In the grand scheme of things, still not as bad as the one Burton put out a couple of years back with hardline Russian nationalist anti-immigrant slogans on it.
  • IanB
    I think you've missed that the target of the campaign was the t-shirt which stated "I'm so sorry..." with a list of options such as 'you made me', 'I was drunk','I couldn't help it' which some thought was a bit too close to the 'explanations' of wife-beaters. This was just brought in as another example of topshops strange ideas.

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