Top dog at npower opens the door of his kennel and invites customers inside

Bitterwallet - new npower logo If there’s one energy company that punters love to hate, it’s npower – they regularly feature in our annual Worst Company In Britain polls and when we drove past their HQ the other week, there was definitely a bit of a smell.

It’s their customer service that drives its er, customers to distraction most of the time, but now npower say that they are going to sort it all out – starting off by opening up access to CEO Kevin McCullough.

They’re also said to be spending £200 million on new software that will allow them to tackle complaints about all manner of stuff ranging from bill errors to missed meter readings to whistling gas. Whistling gas? Maybe not whistling gas.

McCullough says that disgruntled customers can contact him directly at npower, PO box 121, Peterlee, SR8 9DT and that he’ll also be manning the company’s Twitter account, @npowerhq. Let’s see how long it takes him to get sick of that.

Also, you can see the scales falling from Kevin’s eyes as he realises the true horror of the operation he’s heading when he pretends to be an npower worker on Undercover Boss on Channel 4 tonight. You might want to think about whether you want to watch it if you’re an npower customer.



  • The B.
    Must be great working for them, they think there's only 10 months in a year, although I'm guessing that only extends to billing at a lower rate?
  • Stuart D.
    I converted an old barn with two fluorescent lights into a house. I then got bills over a two year period from both the domestic and commercial division of NPower. These were for electricity I had not used and electricity I had already paid for together with the threats of action etc. etc. Nothing by way of apology or redress from NPower, nothing from the Ombudsman, apparently they had some changes and lost all the records. Complete no-hopers who lost control of their business long ago

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