Too much sherry? Careful this doesn't happen to you

This is probably fake but a sizable part of my soul hopes it isn't. To be the friend that discovered Steve left himself logged onto Facebook and saw the potential - that's the sort of guy who's thinking the big picture. If it is real, then Steve is not only out the family will, but probably not allowed within a 200 metre radius of his best friend. Had too much booze this afternoon? Leave the computer alone.

Bitterwallet - Facebook FAIL

[The Luxury Spot] via [Buzzfeed]


  • Bullet
    she really wants it though.
  • Crisp
    "I still want to make love to you" Excellent
  • zeddy
    I bet she was soaking reading that and just wanted to be the dominant partner.
  • Steven
    In my defense, I really do want to make love to her. She is by far the hottest MILF I met. I asked Jason for her number but he told me to fuck off. Dick.
  • Jason
    Steven after the time I caught you fondling your neighbours poodle I wouldnt let you shag your own mother (again) never mind mine
  • Biscuit
    Hahaha. Never leave your facebook account logged in. I'd hate to be that guy
  • charitynjw
    You're never alone with schizophrenia
  • Mark C.
    That was absolutely brilliant! The third message 'I still want to make love to you' made me spew coffee at my monitor. Steven (Beta) owes me a new monitor.
  • Clown
    The problems facebook has caused people I know(I mean they've been caught screwing around because of facebook) scares me, Lol even if she wanted to the fact the message is on facebook didn't give her much option other than the write what she did. There are better ways to that with no proof of what is said than to tell the world on facebook. I'd love to know they are based as this would at least get the local news if it's real.
  • Russell
    Social networking sites are bad mmmmkay.
  • peter
    Facebook Raped?!
  • Jim
    Or maybe just Face-Raped?
  • NSFW B.
    [...] logged onto their Facebook account. Usually it involves seven shades of holy hell kicking off with talk of yankee doodle with other people’s wives, boyfriends, sisters etc, or mistakenly posting a private message [...]

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