Tony Montiny will spam you, shoot you, then cost you

25 September 2009

Bitterwallet - Tony Montiny! Hooray!Wow! Can I really have Tony Montiny wallpaper on my phone? Who? You know, Tony Montiny! Brilliant, eh? What's that? You want me to pay £10 per week plus £5 set-up fee, for which I'll receive four ringtones and games? For you Tony? Sure!

I'm just grateful somebody set up a fake Twitter account to spam people at random with your fabulous offer! Good ol' Tony! He's ahead of the curve with his viral marketing techniques! But then at £40 a month from whatever poor sod sticks their details into his site, he can afford to be! And remember: "If a child still subscribes to any of our services without parental approval, we can’t be held responsible."

Let's hear it for Tony everyone! To Tony, and the company whoring him for more money than your monthly tariff costs -! Hooray!

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  • Junkyard
  • james
    £45 quid for a few ringtones and a piccy omfg you could buy a brand new phone for that

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