Tinkerman, Mark Zuckerberg, meddles with Facebook for the millionth time

8 March 2013

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg, can't stop pissing about with his social network. There's been so many changes to Facebook in the last few years, each making the format increasingly confusing an awkward that, if you launched it in the current climate, people would laugh at you.

However, millions of people still use it and again, they'll find that it is changing with Zuckerberg saying that it'll change the way users share content. What he means is that he'd like it if we all spent more time on FB so advertisers can give him more money.

For you, you'll get a new interface and users will have more control over what statuses, updates and stories you see, as they'll all be shown by splitting the all-in-one News Feed into categories.

The desktop version will start to resemble the Facebook mobile/tablet app, so we can all have a cohesive experience while getting weary at racist family members and people giving 'likes' to people with terminal illnesses.

FB members may have noticed an increase in annoying adverts and promoted posts (especially on the mobile version). Well, that's going to get worse as advertisers, who have been rampant on the network since Facebook floated on Wall Street last year, will be able to use much bigger pictures and video to pitch their wares at you.

CEO Mark Zuckerburg prefers to think of it as a "personalised newspaper". You'll think of it as that think you'd like to delete if it wasn't for all those photographs you have on there.


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  • R B.
    Facebook's for knobs

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