Tinder: Putting adverts in your lust

2 May 2014

tinder Tinder has proven to be a popular app with men who think it is a straight version of Grindr, and women who think it's a place to find a partner. Unlike Grindr, Tinder rarely results in a hook-up. Or is that just the case for our butt-ugliness?

Soon, when you're swiping left and right and wondering whether or not it is okay to chat-up the hottie from the office, you'll now get adverts in there.

Tinder have said that they're looking for ways to make money so they can keep the app free, with chairman Greg Blatt saying that “the nature of the Tinder user experience presents itself with real opportunities for native advertising that certain of our other products don’t.”

Of course, Tinder has featured adverts before, although not officially. There's the usual webcams and mucky sites that have gotten in there, and Domino’s Pizza used the app to deliver 'cheesy' chat-up lines and 'saucy' talk. The latter was toe-curling.

With Tinder being all about your personal data and your likes, there's a feeling that it is a strong app in terms of specified ad-targeting, so all adverts are relevant. It goes without saying that people will be hugely irritated either way. Who wants to be targeted by salesmen when you're indulging in massive bouts of sexual frustration?

If there's a spate of mock profiles that will interact with you, that might be fun, but that'll start grating after 5 minutes. Users will be able to swipe left or right, but how grim is it to think of some lonely widower talking to automated messages from Burger King?

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