Tinder - now for over 18s only

Tinder - now for over 18s only

Popular dating app (or, rejection app) Tinder, is banning under 18s from using it.

At the moment, the app is available to anyone aged 13 and upward, and with a Facebook account. However, from next week, that'll be upped to the age of consent.

A spokesperson for Tinder said that they have a "responsibility" for those using the app, and after looking at their policy, "we have decided to discontinue service for under 18 users".

As it stands, under 3% of Tinder users fall into the category of under-18. It is obvious that company doesn't want to take any chances, and they'll still have around 50 million active users.

Of course, kids can still fake their ages on Facebook, and may still sneak onto the app. Tinder haven't said how they're going to verify the ages of users.

Maybe they can introduce a system of vague questioning that is harder to Google; "What did the stolen Madonna have from Allo Allo?" or "Remember how much Meanies used to cost?"

Either way, there's going to be no more kids on Tinder, which is good news. We can't do anything about your attractiveness to people you want to get off with, sadly.

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