Thomas Cook made to look like idiots on Facebook, which is saying something...

Looks as though Thomas Cook has had its arse handed to it, as they say in the world of corporate social media. Here’s a message that was left on the official Thomas Cook Facebook wall, by someone called… Thomas Cook!

A cheeky request but not an unreasonable one. If handled carefully, Thomas Cook could have granted his request and made themselves look like heroes. Great PR all over the place and a nice example of social media in action.

thomas cook1

But no, as you can see, they didn’t. They took the ‘miserable bastards’ option. And so, along came rival travel company Lowcostholidays, nipping in and stealing the glory.

thomas cook2

The exchange has ‘gone viral’ as these kinds of people like to say, and someone on Thomas Cook’s social media desk will be feeling a bit embarrassed today…


  • Cupid S.
    I think the person was more than likely embarrased a lot longer ago than today, dated November at the least this story is a year old.
  • Bob
    Maybe the next story should be "Bitterwallet writer made to look like idiot on Bitterwallet"
  • Darren
    @Bob LOL. that would be a daily story wouldn't it?
  • shiftynifty
    Well my real name is Jamie Oliver, and many times I`m asked if I`m the real Jamie Oliver, after saying no I do point them in the direction of his restaurants, books, tv shows, etc So maybe a free lunch could be coming my way......for the free advertising.... I must have saved him loads over the years....maybe others with similar names could do this
  • klingelton
    I have a friend whose name is David Cameron. Facebook banned him saying that he shouldn't take the piss with his name... Wake up facebook, there could be more than one person in the world called David Cameron!
  • Spencer
    in Andy's defense... he's reporting that it's now gone viral. but that doesn't detract from BW's mob mentality... and so this article is awful and outdated and this web site is an embarrassment.
  • Sicknote
    Oh please...all this nonsense just made me sick up some of my lunch. When are we going to get back on topic and discuss sex with badgers...?
  • Hilton J.
    Here goes...
  • Haggis
    There has been a worrying lack of bestiality conversation on BW recently.
  • Joe
    So Thomas Cook are idiots because they don't give away free holidays because of coincidences? My initials are JJB, can I have some free fucking trainers? Gonks.
  • Dick
    Thomas Cook are really shit, but have gone up in my estimation to just pretty shit. I think it's good they don't give away holidays to twats.
  • jt
    My real name is Andy Dawson. Can I get a free Bitter Wallet or something for having to put up with years of ridicule and "tourment" and being punched in the face?
  • ThomasCock
    Where's my free holiday eh? Eh??? I demand to speak to C. Hunt!!!!
  • DonkeyHotay
    I don't understand how you can describe Thomas Cook as miserable bastards because some lazy chancing fucker tried to weedle a free holiday out of them under the pretense that he was having a larf with them on FB. Self-entitlement gone mad! I bet if he walked into a Thomas Cook shop and tried that he'd have been turfed out on his arse. Wanker.
  • Bob
    Oldest trick in the world. Create a crisis and solve it yourself. 1) Invent fictitious person called 'Fred Jewellers' 2) Post on Fred Jeweller's website that you want a free Rolex 3) Wait for the obvious KB 4) Post from your '' account how you will gratiously provide poor Fred with a free watch. 5) Sit back and 'watch' (geddit?) sales go mental.
  • allen b.
    My real name is : Takitt Updass .... I want fuck all free or otherwise!

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