This story will self destruct eventually

8 May 2014

Ever banged on all night on Twitter and Facebook and found yourself in a wonky narcissist hole of self-loathing and possible legal action?

Have you yearned to remove opinions you've back-tracked on?

Well, lookee here worriers, the self-delete tweet/ status is here and it's real. With Delete it Later you can now tweet with an additional expiration date.


Sure you can use the likes of Hootsuite to time tweets to come out, but hey, you go to bed or pop out, and before you know it, your business is worldwide and viral.

Delete it Later can be a bit too addictive, you could set it to delete everything in a Warholian 15 minutes. Making your witterings into a limited edition art thing.

However, if you're planning on getting fast and loose with that mouth of yours, remember this - someone can ALWAYS screengrab what you've said and incriminate you forever.

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