The Twitter view on the M&S Penny Bazaar

If there’s one thing Twitter is good for, it’s taking the pulse of an event as it’s happening and hundreds of the site’s users have been tweeting about the M&S Penny Bazaar that began this morning.

For those not in the know, as a 125th anniversary treat, M&S have returned to their original roots and are bunging out 20 different products for 1p each, with a maximum of five per customer.

It’s on for three days with all proceeds going to charity; but if the response of the Twitter community is anything to go by, you shouldn’t have any problem browsing it by Friday morning. Here’s some of the best tweets, delivered in chronological order… and you can see some more views on the bizarre Bazaar at the HotUKDeals forum.

[samanthabandak] Walked past M&S just before 8am this morning - there were already about 100 people queuing up for the Penny Bazaar!

[FranieFrouFrou] wonders if people queuing realise that the Penny Bazaar at M&S only applies to a few select items, pack of knickers, bag of sweets etc

[iangclark] After 45min got to the front of M&S Penny Bazaar queue - worth it in the end. Nearly gave up...but waited.

[BlackSheepWales]Whatever u do don't go to the M&S 125 yrs penny bazaar sale. There's nothing worth having unless u want a frizzbe or a can of ginger beer.

[weecuppatea] There's a queue the length of Glassford St waiting for M&S to open for their penny bazaar promo, like a blue-rinsed dawn of the dead

[maschaa] en waarom is er geen M&S penny bazaar in Nederland?! Alle kleding van M&S voor 1 penny, zal wel een gekkenhuis zijn daar!

[katelv] Is the M&S Penny Bazaar everywhere? I'm in Doncaster today. There's no way I'm fighting Doncastrian women.

[TimeWasting] Sent my husband to M&S to investigate the penny bazaar. He wasn't impressed and came back with nothing.

[EmmaLoodle] Penny Bazaar's usually are just random stuff. Remember... It's not just a garage sale, it's an M&S garage sale!

[JonnyMackay] went to M&S and couldn't find any evidence of a penny bazaar. except for the sign on the door advertising the event.

[mowallywong] It's hardly an M&S penny bazaar when its starts outside New look and you have to sacrifice a days wage to queue

[twinklyspangle] the M&S penny bazaar was a load of crap - just a small selection of rubbish for a penny and a HUGE queue.


  • acecatcher3
    lmao, i just got bk from harrow m&s and there were ppl selling their 1p items out in the street, how sad.
  • Thomas P.
    Why are all these people whinging? what do they want for M&S pinstripe suit?
  • Mike H.
    M&S Pinstripe suits for 1p? WHERE?!
  • Nobby
    No doubt lots of it will be on eBay in the coming weeks.
  • sarah
    thumbs up 2 m&s!! came home with silver necklace,earings,cufflinks,leather passport cover,tie and a pair of knickers and only had 2 wait 30 mins bonus!!
  • Marks B.
    [...] users from around the country offered up a running commentary of the event, with tweets such as… Whatever u do don’t go to the M&S 125 yrs penny bazaar [...]
  • Paul
    Why moan as its all free and there not forcing anybody to queue up and i don't think the things they were giving away were to bad.Jesus i queued up at midnight for over an hour the other night for the release of a new game and i had to pay £32 for that let alone getting it free.

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