NSFW: The Germans are feeling unsociable about social media

2 July 2010

Poking, tweeting friending, following - everyone loves a bit of social networking, right? Not in Germany, apparently - this act of defiance was spotted in Berlin yesterday by avid Bitterwallet reader Nikki:

Bitterwallet - fucking Facebook, fucking Twitter

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  • MrRobin
    Just down the road there was another poster with the same message but it was prefixed with RT @Angry_German:
  • Rhinestone
    And they wrote it in English as well, I love the Germans.
  • Dont c.
    Who cares what germs think?
  • PaulH
    YaY - you've started using the NSFW tag...no more getting fired for me!
  • Ian
    @PaulH You say you need the NSFW so you don't get fired, but you have still clicked on the bloody thing. Are you retarded?
  • Guybrush T.
    Seems a good idea to me. I wouldn't call in anti-social though. What's sociable about sitting on your pc leaving idiotic messages when you could be actual talking or something.
  • Fritzel
    WTF is dis einen speilin zwei drei we beat zee englash 4-1 real
  • Not I.
    Hat Ian I'd say it is you who are retarded. The rest of us are laughing at pauls gag. Well Done!
  • J
    i love how you consider every bitterwallet reader "avid"! Regular, maybe but obsessive? That's an overstatment doncha think!
  • Junkyard
    I don't know about you J, but I'm positively rabid about BitterWallet. Fuck you and your fucking avid.

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