The dirty things you've been looking at could be published online!

20 October 2015

porn Have you been looking at mucky stuff on the internet? Have you secretly been indulging yourself in a cavalcade of wonkers and busters? Well, apparently, everyone is going to find out just what kinky stuff you're into, thanks to your Facebook account.

Brett Thomas - he's a software engineer - wrote a blog this week and said that teenagers who want to cause all kinds of bother could very easily set up sites that share your browsing history, by exploiting gaping holes in security.

If they did - which they haven't - the sites would allow people to type in your Facebook name, and your browsing history would be there for everyone to gawp at. Yes, even if you're in some kind of incognito mode, they'll still be able to do it.

Thomas said: "If you are watching/viewing porn online in 2015, even in Incognito mode, you should expect that at some point your porn viewing history will be publicly released and attached to your name."

He added: "If a malicious party obtained identifiable access logs for just one of the websites that know your name, and view logs for just one of the adult websites you've visited, it could infer with very high probability - beyond plausible deniability - a list of porn you've viewed. At any time, somebody could post a website that allows you to search anybody by email or Facebook username and view their porn browsing history."

"All that's needed are two nominal data breaches and an enterprising teenager that wants to create havoc."

Quite why Thomas has chosen teenagers as the people most likely to be responsible for this, is something of a mystery. Maybe it gives a clue to the kind of films he'd just been watching before he wrote the blog, eh?

Anyway, if you want to look at Brett's thoughts and reasoning on the whole thing, click here.

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  • oldgit
    More bollocks as usual - 'web browsers leave an essentially unique footprint' - so essentially not actually unique then, perhaps he's trying to sell something to 'essentially protect you'

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