The curious case of the affiliate marketing woman who's really a man

A splendid tale of affiliate horseshit for you now, ladies and gentlemen. Affiliate marketing is a longstanding digital economy - micro-payments to merchants in return for leads or sales. But what do you do when people won't buy your particular brand of crapola anymore? You get desperate. You try anything to trick people into giving you their money - say, for example, conjuring up a non-existent person far better looking than you to whore your wares.

It's nothing new, of course, but good fun to dig up and expose. So today we present the tale of Anna, who we found this morning on Twitter:

Bitterwallet - Anna Rich on Twitter

According to her bio:

"I’m young('ish), confident, sexy and successful. I have the car, the house and the money. Don't try to sell to me. I'm here to share ideas and have fun."

Anna isn't one for conversation on Twitter; there's no evidence of any replies to other Twitter users, and all her tweets come from Twitterfeed, an automated forwarding service. How odd. The link on her Twitter page leads to, which shows more photos of a busty blonde and affiliate link porn to various bullshit-baffles-brains schemes to work less and earn more etc.

The schemes appear to be American but there's also this Australian-produced video, which teases the universal secret to unlimited wealth and happiness, and is the most overblown bollocks we've ever seen in all our born days:

Outstanding production values, all lifted from The Da Vinci Code, and all in the name of some bullshit affiliate scheme. The YouTube subscriber who posted the video is a Gary Sadler, presumably the same person who registered the Secret Riches domain name (and who clumsily hacked his own website link onto the end of the video). A Twitter search reveals Gary to look like this:

Bitterwallet - Gary Sadler

Gary also posts all his messages on Twitter using Twitterfeed, and his Twitter bio states:

"Love working at home with with my partner Anna, CREATING recession busting opportunities & resources 4 U. Get your HEALTH, WEALTH and HAPPINESS link above."

The website link leads back to the same site that Anna promotes. So Anna is Gary's wife, and together they run their affiliate marketing business from their home on the South Coast. So who's this on the cover of GQ magazine?

Bitterwallet - Gary Sadler and GQ magazine

That's not the lovely Anna, is it Gary? To be honest, we're not convinced that's a genuine GQ cover, either. And now we come to mention it, there's a problem with the photos of Gary's wife on her Twitter page, in that she looks like two completely different people:

Bitterwallet - Gary Sadler's wife - spot the difference

We eventually figured it out, though. According to Anna's Facebook page (which states she's an ex-model, too), she's the one on the right. You see, Anna has a set of professional photos that were taken for her website a year ago:

Bitterwallet - Anna Rich on Facebook

And there we were thinking that Gary Sadler was masquerading as a woman, in a cynical attempt to sucker people into bankrolling his affiliate activities, since customers are more likely to be enchanted by a half-naked blonde than a middle-aged grey-haired businessman with a website designed by a colour-blind chimpanzee with ADHD.

Hang on a moment.

There's a site called TinEye, which allows you to perform reverse searches of images; you give TinEye an image, and it'll dig up other examples of the image found elsewhere. Apparently, Gary's wife is also a model for iStockPhoto:

Bitterwallet - Gary Sadler's wife, apparently

There's another example here. As for that other mystery blonde, her photo originated on Fotolia, a site offering royalty-free images.

Still, it'll make for an entertaining trick round of spot the difference in the office this afternoon (the trick being, of course, that they're the same person):

Bitterwallet - Gary Sadler- spot the difference v2

And finally, in case you're wondering how we heard of Lisa Riches, we found her in a very special Twitter user's list of Media PR and journalists. Um.


  • M4RKM
    da what code?
  • Daniel Z.
    Can someone hand Sherlock his P45 please...
  • Joff
    I deduced that all from the mud on her knees.
  • Jonny S.
    LOL! This is just one of the reason why I love you guys!!!
  • Peter D.
    Actually 'she' does reply - but only via direct message. Not auto-DMs either. She basically addressed me by my birth name (rare, I usually go by moniker of 'twat' or 'bastard') - and then said 'welll you aren't getting too many followers so go here and learn. I'm getting 100 a day! 100 a day sounded bullshit, and anyone who has a large image of their 30ish makeupped self splayed before the actual content of helping marketing is likely a nebulous money-grubbing brown noser. So...this news isn't a surprise. Frankly if it was a bloke I wouldn't have exchanged a couple of DMs - mostly I went to the site hoping for links to a facebook with bikini er...oh yeah: Reminds me of that Wikipedia thing when a guy found some obscure porn of a 'facial' and put the pics on Wikipedia. 'Me and my boyfriend' 'she' effuses in the talk page. The fact the Wikipedians flattered the hell out of her, then suspitions arose together with a massive discussion on whether or not to bar the account from contributing. The whole shebang sums up the bureaucratic perversions of Wikipedia wholesale. Here's something actually geniune. Paul Nikkel has not yet claimed his Free Prizes. If/when he does, a tenner goes to a charity of his choice! So free crap and money donated to a reputable cause. Win win! Pete, editor
  • Diane
    Ask a question on a4u as a 20 year old female and you get dozens more replies than a bloke would. He's just cynically exploiting this and the fact people like to look at pretty things.
  • Deepz
    This is actually an interesting article. Well done :-)
  • Paul S.
    Ah Peter, we're loving your continuous stream of comments under three different pseudonyms. Send the money to Macmillan Cancer Support. And if you let us have your address, we'll be round to collect the award in person.
  • Peter D.
    Macmillan it is. I inhabit a canal barge so I have no fixed address. However the barge is advantagious in granting mobility to reach media events. If Bitterwallet staff members are attending NUJ conference or PR/marketing fair the T-shirt and trophy can be personally presented in magnaminous style complete with smiling photo-op. You lot are in PR/marketing for God's sake, you know how it works. You big everything up to generate interest. Quietly nipping to a bloke's abode doesn't cut it unless he's an England manager or top celeb. Pete, editor at
  • Fergal S.
    Can I just say that bitterwallet vs dirtygarnet is the single most amusing and interesting thing that I have ever read on this site.
  • The B.
    @Feargal, No, I'm sorry you can't.
  • The B.
    I'm starting to find it a bit boring now, I'm going to try for the breakfast Sundae tomorrow though.
  • Fergal S.
    @The Real Bob my name is Fergal not Feargal. Can I just say then that a good heart these days is hard to find?
  • PokeHerPete
    Aren't most marketers basically fraudsters anyway? I love the ones who act like they know about the internet - the obvious one being shown, search engine optimisation. However the latest bandwagon is social media, all these marketers claim to be "Social Media Gurus" and think that they are an expert because they know how to create a Twitter account. The real problem is the people who do get sucked into being more interested in the person just because they are a sexy woman. Just because you are exchanging mesages or dealing with her does not mean that you are going to get to suck on her tits. Pete, cunt
  • Basil B.
    I enjoyed the article but the comments have thrown me... wtf is going on?
  • The B.
    @Fergal, only if you're gentle with this heart of mine, but then my expectations may be high, I blame it on my youth.
  • Peter D.
    As far as I'm concerned Bitterwallet and DG are even: I removed anna_rich from my PR list upon discovering that 'she' was a sweaty, balding, middle aged, faux-femme victimizing bag of fetid diarrhoea. However, Bitterwallet staff removed my link to the awards presentation, why they want to suppress speech of their accolade is beyond me. Can you imagine how violated and dirty I feel? Having a women I thought fancied me turn out to be a bloke? A deceptive wrinkly-necked chubby weasel? Brought memories of this chick I briefly went out with. She had ch...well it's another story. We're still waiting on a Bittersweet's reply about the prizes - you'd think for freebie hawkers you'd love freebies yourselves eh? Pete, unprofessional professional photojournalist
  • Peter D.
    OK, on reflection I`m sorry for bothering you with my posts. I realise no-one cares. I'll retire now and wont come back. Bye.
  • Jonny S.
    I would say you're getting into the swing of things Peter but unfortunately it's still just a plug for your award which I've seen the BW guys HAVE replied to on another post. Just because something's free, doesn't mean you should get it...
  • The B.
    Yay, bye Pete, don't let the door smack you on the arse on the way out.
  • Jonny S.
    Lol for some reason I think he may well be back.
  • pauski
    ^ sure he will - like shit that sticks to a blanket
  • PokeHerPete
    ^ In the event that you ever get shit stuck to a blanket, turn it over and hey presto!
  • Ed L.
    Wouldn't worry too much, look at the tremendous stats from the latest link she/he posted:
  • Ed L.
    And all the other vastly successful links they have posted previously, look at those click volumes :O
  • Absent
    The thing with these Twitter marketing accounts is, most of their followers are made up of other marketing accounts and similar crap pushers. None of them read their feeds so it's really just scammers shouting at other scammers and neither are listening. This is borne through with the zero link click rates as shown above by Ed Law.
  • Codifu
    Wow. A guy on t'internet who is pretending to be a woman. THAT HARDLY EVER HAPPENS!!!
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