The 21st century: man hurt himself tweeting

2 June 2009

When you think of the perils of using Twitter on your mobile in a quest to gain more followers, you're probably thinking more of eye strain, carpel tunnel syndrome, or Twitter flu. Not getting a black eye.

But 23-year-old James Coleman from Bristol would beg to differ.

Coleman was jogging and tweeting on his way to work when he ran into a large, low-hanging branch.

The shiner was bad enough that he could only see out of one eye for several days.

His ability to tweet using his Blackberry however, remained unaffected.

In fact, he tweeted the accident: "Running to work, very late. Smacked my face against a branch. Forgot how tall I am."

Isn't it almost poetically haiku in its spareness?

"Running late to work
Smacked my face against a branch
Forgot that I am tall"


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  • Mike H.
    What a twit* *Twat
  • Kev H.
    He must have been updating everyone with something VERY urgent with his tweet that he was unable to stop even while running. Bet it was something life changing, and not something mundane and pointless like "I'm late for work again..."
  • Mike H.
    Kev, more like, "shit, I'm being chased by three chavs, each wearing burberry caps, smothered in Elizabeth Duke, I think they've got knives... FUCK ME, A TREE !!! wqkefjowinfv csm ......qhejru anefvnadkfjvn..."
  • Nobby
    This is the problem with twitter. Saying he is injured is sod all use. I want to see pictures of the injury. Twitter is crap.
  • Matt S.
    Simpson, Homer Simpson, he's the greatest guy in history. From the town of Springfield he's about to hit a chestnut tree AAAARRRRRHHHHH!!!!!

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