Thames Water don't practice what they preach

3 March 2010

As seen on Twitter earlier today...

Screen shot 2010-03-03 at 14.24.37



  • The B.
    Presumably they also send letters around about spilling large volumes of industrial bleach in rivers too, or how about letters asking you not to overcharge?
  • Monevator
    Oh dear, someone hasn't been collecting the rubbish, either. Privatize the lot of them! (Wait, didn't we do that?)
  • Jack
    What the fuck?! This is rediculous. It must be cheaper for them to just leave the problem, if so, let it be!
  • James
    Part of the repair process on a water main. When re-zoning water from one area to another, sometimes pressure can vary. Therefore, hydrants are opened to maintain pressure (with a jumper attached). Other times, hydrants are opened to help flush mains once a repair is complete to minimise discolouration. Nick Aldridge 0 - Thames Water 1
  • Catt
    James 1 - 0 Nick Aldridge
  • Tom
    Thames Water suck balls 1-1
  • Nobby
    It is still waste. They should be filling up buckets, and driving it to the nearest reservoir.
  • Andy
    Better still, to save fuel they should use recyclable paper cups and walking to the reservoir.
  • Rob
    Did you know that Thames water lose 1/3 of the water they pump into their network every day though leaks.
  • dick d.
    did you know that most peple waste 1/3 of their minimal energy typing stupid comments into sites like this?

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