Tesco say it's okay to write down prices after all

Tesco have taken a bit of a beating over the past few days after it was reported that a journalist had been harassed by store management after he was discovered to be writing down prices of certain items. Shock, and indeed, horror.

But the supermarket giants have responded to the uproar via the internationally-recognised Twitter service, and look, everything’s going to be okay. You CAN write prices down in your Tesco supermarket. You might even be able to sing them through a loudhailer if you like. Why not go along to your nearest one and try?

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  • PokeHerPete
    Are @bitterwallet issuing a statement on their Twitter with a explanation of their Competition antics too?
  • Dick
    So they have confirmed that Ian Fraser is allowed to write down prices (although they don't say whether he can do it instore). What about the rest of us? A full page advert in all the daily newspapers is needed. Hopefully they will mention they legality issue.
  • @pokeherpete
  • PokeHerPete
    @pokeherpete - You mispelt cunt there
  • @pokeherpete
  • Mikey P.
    Competition antics being they don't announce any winners and don't give out any of the prizes
  • akin
    Then when they do "announce" it, they only post 4 entries because that's as far as the free voting shit they used can go to.
  • Adam J.
    So much for low everyday prices - Tesco has just increased Starbucks Latin American Filter Coffee Packet (250g) from £3.37 to £3.99. Slightly shocked (as I buy this every week) - I had to do a double take on the price. I thought it was price flexing at my Local Store, but it turns out to be national - that's a 18.5% increase! So is this Starbucks doing, or Tesco's? Coffee commodity prices have dropped the last 3 months, so it isn't that. I live on this stuff, there isn't another Coffee I would drink, so I think I'm giving up Coffee!. (If my post's become more irrate - this is the reason). It was actally good value, because unlike most Filter Coffee Packs it was 250g as opposed to 227g, so its roughly 10% more than nearly all other packets on the shelf. Someone at Tesco obviously decided the comparable price per 100g wasn't high enough, or in a months time there will be a crappy 'Price Drop' £3.99 to £3.50, as per usual. Just shows what a rip off Tesco really is, if they can increase prices by such a large amount on an everyday item. I'm really starting to hate Tesco with a passion. Store Layouts have become cluttered. Had to wait 15 minutes at checkouts yesterday and the self checkout queue wasn't any better 10-15 deep too. Tesco, don't think Customers don't notice. It remind me of a pack of wolves (Tesco) vying for their prey. Disgraceful practices.

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