Technology exposes another idiot...

Say hello to our second example of the day of how modern technology can punish the badly-behaved if they’re not careful. Earlier, we saw a sneering teen being manhandled off a Scottish train by a stereotypical ‘big man’, and now here’s a tech-savvy cabbie getting his own back on a knobhead passenger with a cleverly-penned post on the Facebook page of said knobhead (who had accidentally left his phone in the cab). Classy stuff.

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  • Fumb D.
    Funny, but isn't he committing an illegal act by hacking* into this chaps facebook account. * I say "hacking" - its hardly super clever - its relied on the dumb fuck to have set up his phone to allow anyone to gain access to services he has on it.
  • LD
    "Probe after passenger throws fare-dodger off train"
  • Sheffield L.
    Absolutely brilliant! I'm pretty sure they are both committing a crime, but hopefully it will teach the guy a lesson and he will pay his fare and get his phone back!
  • Brian's U.
    That is hilarious. Karma is a bitch!
  • Mike H.
    Good on him, make his 'so-called-friends' actually realise what a complete cunt this bloke really is. God bless the facebook.
  • The B.
    Or.... He can delete the post, change his password and buy a new phone.
  • Mark W.
    So is this real or not real?
  • Sploggle
    Not real, of course! I'm amazed anyone still believes in these fake Facebook updates. They're a giveaway to make.
  • klingelton
    not real. who would have a smartphone and not password it. you'd be permanently fraped. FAKE!

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