Status update - you're fired, you potty mouthed woman

11 August 2009

Jobs are hard to come by right now, so unless you want to find yourself eating out of bins and doing favours for sailor, it's best you keep your pissing and moaning about your current career to friends and family. By which we mean real friends and family, because people you add to Facebook aren't necessarily friends, now are they?

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  • Martha F.
    Fucking KWALITY! I love Facebook! P.S. My job's ace really interesting and varried and my boss is the coolest ever.
  • Josh
    HAHAHA!!!! Thats legendary!!!
  • Neil
    Haha what a silly girl. Never post work related items on FB!
  • LMAO..!!
    Lol, Facebook "Fail"
  • Gus
    "... I am gay?" Whooosh! LOL
  • Pete
    Brilliant. This girl should stick with education. It may teach her a thing or two, lol.
  • John D.
    She would have a case for unfair dismissal, as the boss has not followed the correct procedure for letting someone go! lol
  • Nobby
    There's been loads of discussion on this for the last couple of days here ...
  • Jeffrey A.
    John Doe - don't take up a legal profession. Within 12 months of taking somebody on, you can sack them whenever and however you want.
  • John D.
    Mr are very much wrong!!! In the uk, even if you have employed someone for only 2 weeks, you require to terminate their employment in the correct way. Read up on employment law and you shall be enlightened!
  • Phil M.
    Tis a fake, designed to get on as many news sites and blogs as possible, i'm afraid
  • Andrew R.
    Jeffrey - I'm afraid you are somewhat mistaken. She couldn't tribunal for unfair dismissal as THAT'S limited to 12 months, but if you were sacked for 'any reason' then the employee would have cause to launch a constructive/discrimination dismissal case if it was on the grounds of race, sex or similar issues. Other than that, yes, employment law generally doesn't protect you in terms of unfair dismissal until after 12 months continuous employment. In this case, depending on what's written into her contract, the only contention would be pay owed and any notice period owed. If the company doesn't want you to work a notice period, then you don't, but you still get paid for it! Source - CIPD qualified HR Manager
  • RobM
    I'm sure a case for gross misconduct could be made out of something like this easily enough to justify kicking the employee to the kerb.
  • Jeffrey A.
    Andrew - I'm afraid why am I mistaken? Where the hell did sexism/racism come into this conversation? Nowhere, thats where. Apart from that small detail of you inventing things to try and look clever (Yes, just incase the fact you're CIPD qualified (lol) didn't make us all think you were) you seem to have pretty much completely agreed with me. And, would you care to explain how somebody can launch a 'constructive dismissal' case, when they get 'Sacked' ? Oh wait, try looking into what constructive dismissal actually is first. Lol. HR Manager.
  • Jeffrey A.
    RobM - Gross Misconduct, bringing the company into disrepute, sexual discrimination, could all be bought up against her. No point though?
  • Andrew R.
    I said somewhat mistaken; in response to "you can sack them whenever and however you want" and the sexism/racism was a generalist backup to your generalist statement. I did agree with you other than that. As for the constructive dismissal, I muddled that together with discrimination so, yes, I concede that one. As for CIPD - it's my partner who is fully qualified, not I. Those who frequent BW more than once will know that I rarely try and look clever :) Go back to Prison!
  • Andrew R.
    @RobM Yeah, employer could easily flip the coin for sexual discrimination ergo grounds for dismissal. Like Jeffrey says though, bit of a moot point!
  • Kevin
    She seems like a lot of 'youngsters' who expect everything to be on a plate and just want to be out having fun. Hope she can't sign on now ;)
  • The M.
    Im amazed that nobody has mentioned that this is a complete violation of your personal life by a power mad toss boss. Bosses are 99% wankers - end of story. I think this kind of shit should be completely illegal. Fuck bosses and fuck the law
  • Richie
    @Angry Mage - please send me your CV, you sound the sort of employee I would love to have on my team.
  • ormussthehun
    Too late Richie, hes already employed by the civil service.
  • Get R.
    Actually for all the muppets out there, you dont need to give any reason or notice to fire someone in th UK when they are signed to a probation period aka trial period.
  • Jeffrey A.
    The Angry Mage - Do they not have bosses on World of Warcraft as well, while you're busy wasting your entire life on there?
  • The B.
    [...] started the day by seeing how to throw away your livelihood via social media. Let’s end it with a demonstration of how to revive it using more traditional [...]
  • Richard
    To confirm an employment tribunal will not hear an unfair (or constructive) dismissal case if the employee has less than 1 year service a claim for discrimination (which is not time limited) on one of the specified grounds (for example a male employee not sacked on similar facts) may be possible but on the evidence given seems unlikely to succeed since this seems to be a case of gross misconduct dismissal without notice is defendable by the employer Employment Lawyer.
  • another l.
    ...and the moral of the story is, if you want decent employment law advice go to an employment lawyer first, not last...
  • The M.
    @ jeffery archer - ive never played the game in my life so get your facts right instead of being a twat with the same name as another twat.
  • Ginger p.
    LMFAO! AWWWWWH ! Stupid bitch =X

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