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13 August 2010

facebook It surprised a few avid Bitterwallet readers to learn that we've been larking about on Twitter for over a year. There are now over 1,100 people following our exploits, which are a mix of headlines, queries and Andy goading the Prime Minister into providing him with cheap liquor.

Meanwhile, we haven't done much with our Facebook account, which has languished in the darker corners of the intermaweb without love or attention. That's about to change, however. We're going to begin pushing more rubbish through both Twitter and Facebook, but not all of it will be half-arsed nonsense.

Let us gently suggest that from Monday you need to be following our Twitter account and liking our Facebook page, because you'll stand a good chance of winning something nice and shiny. What is it? Not telling, but we've three to give away starting next week - one each to the folks of Twitter and Facebook. The third shiny object can be yours for an as-yet undisclosed task.

So there you go - if you're not already, Bitterwallet on the Twitter and on the Facebook is where it's all going on, biatches.

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  • Alex
    Did you ever pick an Airphone 4 winner?...was really looking forward to reading about how shit it was
  • kev
    alex, they're like groupola with the iPhones, they never actaully had any :D
  • James D.
    I think Dawson's mum got it.
  • Joff
    James Dean, I'm sure there's a joke in there somewhere...
  • Basil B.
    Paul Smith's wiki suggested he flogged it to Earth Mobile...
  • PaulH
    "It surprised a few avid Bitterwallet readers to learn that we’ve been larking about on Twitter for over a year." Is this relation to my comment on the David Cameron post - to be fair to did hide it well and I didn't even know you had a Facebook account! I think you need a new Social Media strategy -
  • Wonky H.
    I heard that it got moderated when someone tried to install a mobile version of firefox on it.
  • Issac M.
    Good that there's not link between usernames here and on FB. Otherwise we'd be able find out the real identity of Wonky Henry and report him to the RSPCA
  • Lumoruk
    fuck off
  • -]
    Why would we report him to the RSPCA? Are they in need of trained box fummers? Where to apply!? Is it well paid, or is the joy of the job payment enough?
  • Mike
    I'd rather slam my dick in a drawer.
  • Jonny S.
    Mike...just LOL!
  • dunfyboy
    Can't we just read this shit on the site?

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