Snapchat - showing 6 billion videos per day

9 November 2015

snapchat No-one saw Snapchat's spectacular rise coming. All the kids are on it, and even the adults too, as the social network guns for Facebook and Twitter's crown. While media companies look for an alternative to Facebook (who are throttling everyone's 'reach' unless you pay for it) and people are tired of Twitter's trolls, Snapchat is offering an outlet to both... and not everything you do is public.

The company has revealed that they're now serving up (around) six billion video views a day, which is a huge increase. That's three times the amount being shown in May. With Facebook showing eight billion a day, Snapchat is hot on its tail.

Keep in mind that Snapchat doesn't even have a desktop version, that's very impressive indeed. With more and more companies wanting to get into video advertising, Snapchat is in a unique position compared to their rivals.

With Snapchat being valued at £13 billion earlier in the year, it looks like like they were wise to turn down Facebook's £2 billion bid a couple of years ago. The app now has 100 million active daily users, which is not to be sniffed at... unless you're really old and don't understand how these things work.

There's a lot of money changing hands too, with Snapchat offering 'sponsored lenses,' which means marketing companies can offer special stickers and selfie-frames to promote a number of products. And people are using them, especially the The Peanuts Movie one, where people could add animated Snoopy icons to their pictures.

There's some in-app purchases too, and special lenses and trophies, which has made Snapchat go from a reasonably one-dimensional app, to something that should be worrying Twitter and others.

2015 - it has been Snapchat's year.


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