Snapchat now to give all filters away for free

7 January 2016

snapchat You may recall Snapchat updating their service, so they could prise coins out of your hands, with a variety of filters and whatnot.

Well, it clearly hasn't been taken up by many people, so they're getting rid of the paid-for Lens Store, instead, focusing on getting advertising in, instead.

If you're really old and don't know what these filters are, on Snapchat, you can apply filters to your face that make a variety of special effects happen. You can vomit rainbows and get hit in the face by pretend vegetables and the like. And no, they don't work if you try and superimpose them over videos and photos of your nether regions.

Snapchat have been charging 79p for these FX, but they're backing away from that, and it looks like they'll be generating money by having sponsored lenses instead. This was already a feature for some, but now, Snapchat are going to go for it and chase the money.

You'll be able to keep any lenses you've already bought, and others will become free of charge. Snapchat say they'll be adding around 10 new ones per day.

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  • Mike
    A world where this is news is not really a place I want to be anymore.
  • Mr C.
    Bye Mike!!

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