Snapchat brings Spectacles

Snapchat brings Spectacles

Snapchat are branching out. Not sated with the need to get people to capture their own faces with a dog's features superimposed over the top, now they want to pop some literal glasses on your face.

Wearable technology is definitely a buzzword in techland, and of course, Google put out their 'Glasses', which didn't really take off thanks to being prohibitively expensive.

Snapchat are developing 'Spectacles', which are sunglasses with a built-in camera. That means you can record your world from a first person perspective. Marvellous news if you've got an interesting life. Not so good if all you do is snap pictures of wine and cats.

The company have changed their name in the process, and are now called Snap Inc, referring to themselves as "a camera company", which means there could be more gadgets coming from them.

One thing that these Snapchat Spectacles have over Google Glass is the price. It looks like they're going to cost £100 (or thereabouts) compared to Glass which was over a grand.

Snap Inc say that these Spectacles “plays full screen on any device, in any orientation, and captures the human perspective with a 115 degree field of view."

You'll press a button on the frame of the specs, and recording is limited to 30 seconds at a go.

They'll sync up with your phone wirelessly, and this could be great for musicians who use the service, to capture moments from their shows, to share with fans.

Here's a video of some skateboarding people, and what the videos should end up looking like.

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