Smart make wannabe Twitter smart alec look like a bird poo fool...

21 June 2012

Here’s some majestic use of social media from Smart, the big-brained folk who make the teeny-tiny cars. It sort of goes like this…

(1) Twitter clever-clogs posts tweet about a Smart car being destroyed by a piece of bird ‘crap’.

(2) Smart deny his claim, accompanying their reply with an infographic which shows EXACTLY how much bird crap it would take to realistically destroy one of their cars. Pigeon, turkey and emu crap is featured in the infographic for purposes of comparison.

(3) Twitter clever-clogs is ‘pwned’ (as we believe ‘the kids’ are prone to say).

Et voila…


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  • Jolyon B.
    Well speaking from past experience, and not just a single occasion I know for a fact that kebabs, kfc and other fast food has a very toxic effect to ones stools. I have been out on many occasions to quaff a few ales,(in particular Guinness) with chums when on the way home, the urge has taken me to partake and eat some of the aforesaid fast food only to find, that the following morning, when I went to the toilet for my daily motion, I was surprised to say what can only be described as toxic waste emanating from my posterior! Now when I'm out and about I regulary see pigeons and other winged vermin eating vast amounts of fast food so I would not be surprised if they indeed couldn't melt or dissolve a smart car with a well placed single crap!
  • Jolyon B.
    postscript maybe indeed its not the quantity of the crap rather the toxicity of it!
  • Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    Looks like a set up to me.
  • Richard M.
    At the risk of being sued by Smart, I would fancy my chances better at surviving a deluge of crap (bird, turkey or emu) than being crushed between two 40 ton trucks in a high speed multiple pile up on a motorway.
  • Martin
    *owned ??
  • You
    @Martin Is this like your second time on the internet or something?

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