Should Twitter and Facebook be responsible for NekNomination?

24 February 2014

neknom The Local Government Association has had an idea. They think that social media platforms need to take some responsibility for NekNominations and post health warnings everywhere, which is an idea more stupid than NekNominations themselves.

There have been five deaths in the UK linked to the latest 'craze' (such a craze that virtually no-one is doing it) and the LGA - who represent loads of councils - think that Twitter and Facebook should spell out the risks to everyone with messages similar to "shock cautions emblazoned on cigarette packets".

If you've missed it, NekNomination is basically people daring each other to drink gigantic amounts of booze with forfeits and the like.

Katie Hall, chair of the LGA's Community Wellbeing board, said: "This is an utterly reckless and totally irresponsible craze which has tragically claimed lives. More should be done to highlight the dangers and persuade people not to participate."

"We believe social media operators have a responsibility to provide health warnings to user groups and individuals. The LGA is looking for these corporations to show leadership and not ignore what is happening on their sites. We are urging Facebook and Twitter executives to sit down with us and discuss a way forward which tackles this issue head on."

Of course, this is one of the most gaspingly dimwitted things uttered this week. Saying Twitter or Facebook should be responsible for people being stupid is like saying British Telecom should be responsible for people talking to the speaking clock, or pen manufacturers should be culpable that people draw penises on toilet walls.

Social media is just a communications tool, like shouting out of a window or smoke signals. Instead of asking the medium to be responsible, why don't we just accept that, with things like NekNomination, we simply need to view it as natural selection at work.

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  • Dan
    No - the people who do it should be responsible for it, unless they are children (at which point responsibility lands with the parents). People should take more personal responsibility for things and not keep trying to blame Facebook / Twitter / The Internet / Video Games / TV.
  • Milky P.
    I don't think FB or Twatter should be blamed, infact I think it should be promoted - if you're enough of a bellend to kill yourself doing stuff like this then the world is probably be a better place without you.
  • Ali B.
    Good way of getting rid of the idiots
  • Charles D.
    "Natural Selection"! Don't fight it!
  • Slacker
    What? Warn people that they might die if they ingest massive quantities of alcohol? Will they also be required to warn their users that forgetting to breathe in and out could also prove fatal? Why can't we just accept that some people really are just too stupid to live?
  • Bill M.
    I can't understand why there's so much love on this site for David Cameron? If governments tried to change the distribution of wealth from 85 people owing 50%, then a society may not exist where people do this, because there life maybe more enjoyable. Oh no, I took this site seriously!

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