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3 September 2012

As we all know, social media is the newest customer interaction playing field (it's okay, we  just vomited slightly while writing that), but so many companies play it safe and straight when it comes to Facebook and Twitter.

Thankfully, we can always rely on Safestore (you know, the storage boffins) to think outside of the box, or metal crate or whatever they deal in. Avid Twitter user @dandouglas tweeted a slightly rude fantasy of his and before you knew it the Safestore social media gurus were all over him like a tramp on chips with a witty retort...


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  • Dick
    Why wouldn't they allow you to store wallpaper paste? If they allow water based paints and so on, then what's the big fuss about storing wallpaper paste? Or is he a comedian for thinking writing semen on a tub makes it funny? Two tubs of fake semen but one huge prick.
  • whatever
    Obviously impotent if hasn't got any jizz from the last four years.
  • Mike M.
    I'm full of it
  • william's h.
    What a wanker.

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