Restaurant tells someone to "f*ck off lady"

For the most part, complaining online, in public, is rather unseemly. However, sometimes, people feel like they've no other option and take to Facebook and Twitter for a moan.

And so, to Jennifer Bennett who posted a complaint about a restaurant in Chorlton, Manchester.

She'd booked a meal at a place called Lusitano, and when she arrived to eat, she found that it was closed. On the company's Facebook page, she wrote: "Had a table booked for Friday at 7:30, turned up and you were closed?! I’ve emailed you about it and still awaiting a response and there’s no answer when I call."


"After spending £6.50 on a taxi to Chorlton we ended up having to eat elsewhere so it was not the cheap night out we had hoped for!

“And having read some recent reviews on here I’m not even sure if I actually want to redeem my Groupon voucher now ... Although Hotspot Ess Paradies round the corner was a good find so not a completely wasted evening.”

As you can see from the image above, the response from the restaurant was a bit on the impolite side.

Talking to the Manchester Evening News, she said: "You just don’t expect it, especially when I was going to be a paying customer. I was really shocked to be spoken to like that. I thought their Facebook account might have been hacked so I tried to call the restaurant again but there was no answer."

"It looked like it was locked up. The sign on the door said something about being closed for repairs, but we had called up two days previously and they had made no mention of it or called to tell us. We were hungry so we found a little German restaurant around the corner. It turned out okay in the end but it was not the cheap night we had hoped for."

"I’m not annoyed because they were closed. I’m sorry if they’ve gone out of business. If they had just replied to my original email asking when they were reopening it would have been fine. I don’t expect an apology - I just can’t tolerate bad customer service."

BW rang Lusitano, but alas, no answer. Looks like they've f*cked off.


  • Father J.
    Restaurant goes out of business, people lose jobs etc. - and whining bint is whining. Fuck off lady.
  • DrJogalog
    Just fuck off lady.
  • Fat H.
    Tell her to fuck off. Oh, they already did. Job done.
  • Lusitano R.
    just fuck off bitter wallet
  • Mark W.
  • Samjamric
    A lot wife-beaters in the comments, all clearly unaware of how customer service works...
  • jack M.
    TO Father Jack... YOU fuck off!
  • Father J.
    To Mr Mehoff Or you'll do what, needledick?
  • Gas M.
    @Samjammybollocks customer service does not ream the ass off every moaning twat. Side note - surely a £6.50 taxi fare wood only take you a short walkable distance, thank fuck she didn't tip!
  • Father J.
    "Side note – surely a £6.50 taxi fare wood only take you a short walkable distance, thank fuck she didn’t tip!" Indeed, the lazy ho could have at least walked to the place where she was going to stuff her face. Samjamric - as they appear to have gone out of business she's not actually their customer. As for projecting your domestic violence fantasies onto others, good luck with that.
  • Law Y.
    @ Father Jack who sez: as they appear to have gone out of business she’s not actually their customer. Nope, table booked = invitation to treat accepted, contractural obligation to fulfil, and all the other archair lawyer bull that gets quoted in sistuations like this.

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