Restaurant calls customers 'peasants' and more!

There's a restaurant in Manchester called '47 King Street' and, like most places, reviews are mixed. On the eaterie's TripAdvisor, some say it is wonderful, while others hate it. One customers says that the staff pretended to phone the police on them.

Well, there's another complaint doing the rounds and the restaurants itself has made it a million times worse by getting shirty on social media with a hen party. Pick your side now.

Melissa Grogan-Morgan left a negative review on 47 King Street's Facebook page, saying that she wasn't too impressed with the staff (something that has been levelled at the business on a few occasions online). She soon found that the restaurant was volleying insults her way, calling her and her friends things like "peasants" and "chav cheap trash".

The PR nightmare continued with comments like "vile people" and that they were from the "bottom of the barrell". Of course, someone quickly deleted their Facebook page and screamed in frustration at the whole thing.



Other comments said that they "wouldn’t know fine dining if it slapped them in their ugly faces!" as well as referring to them: "What absolute trash they were. We pity the groom!"

So, who is laughing at all this and who is outraged?

Screengrabs of messages sent by the 47 King Street West Facebook account

Obviously, someone's going to get their knuckles rapped over this as, either way you look at it, someone's been a dick to a bunch of people who put £600 in their till.

47 King Street itself, is hardly fine dining and doesn't have the exclusivity of Studio 54 or something, so this is all a huge pig's ear and... it'll blow over by the end of the week.

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  • Father J.
    Hahahahahahahahaha! I think I might eat at this place next time I'm unfortunate enough to have to visit Manchester. If I can be assured of not having to share my dining experience with a pack of sweaty chav princesses in matching t-shirts, guzzling vodka from their handbags then so much the better!

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