Put a selfie on your shoes

19 May 2014

You may have noticed that trainers are getting more outrageous as time progresses. Lurid yellow things and sneakers that fade from heel to toe and now, trainers that will have whatever you want on them.

Adidas are launching a new app which will allow you to put your Instagram picture on your trainers. That means you could have your own face on your feet. Or maybe you'd like a picture of your favourite sports team? Or even a photo of some Puma trainers, just to annoy the warring Adidas/Puma families.

adidas instagram

The ZX Flux shoes will allow you to take designs from the Photo Print App that Adidas plans to release for iOS and Android later this year.

Adidas have been doing custom designs for a while with 'mi adidas', allowing you to choose your trainer and switch up the colours of various panels and soles, however, this is next level.

To get these super customised trainers, you'll probably be spending somewhere in the region of £70-£100, so if you're just after a pair of £20 gazelles, this app isn't for you.

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