Prime Minister Dave hiding hot deal info from the nation

12 August 2010


The whole ethos behind HotUKDeals and Bitterwallet is the collective sharing of information that will make everyone’s life that little bit better. 35-year-old so-called ‘Prime Minister’ Dave Cameron doesn’t appear to share that belief.

Our billionaire overlord, 36, seems to know where you can get 20 cans of Stella for just £5.00 but he isn’t prepared to share the news with everyone. Worse still, he’s all in favour of putting the kybosh on it.

The PM spoke about the plans by a group of councils in Greater Manchester to introduce minimum booze pricing, with the magic figure of 50p per unit being mooted.

Gorgeous Dave, 34, said “I think if what you're trying to do is stop supermarkets from selling 20 tins of Stella for a fiver that's what we've got to go after. Where I want to try and help is ending the deep discounting on alcohol. People going and 'pre-loading', having bought from a supermarket where they were attracted by a price designed to bring them into the store."

Enthused by this, we immediately scoured HotUKDeals to see if the 38-year-old prime ministerial heartthrob had posted more information about the amazing Stella bargain so that we can all get a piece of it. But it seems that he hasn’t.

So we’ve badgered the PM for more details from our flea-ridden Twitter account and we’ll let you know AS SOON as number 10 get back to us with all the info…

Screen shot 2010-08-12 at 09.29.06

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  • PokeHerPete
    You think that he would have better things to do than Photoshop a offer sign for Stella just to try and get a scorching deal
  • Andy D.
    It's probably store-specific, the beer-teasing twat.
  • Mr M.
    Family wealth of 140 million and the cheapskate twat's still buying beer for £5 the rest of us can only dream of.
  • Nobby
    Of course he won't put the deal on HUKD. He is an MSE man.
  • bluem4gic
    The idiot is not 35 but 43. Hopefully an election will be called shortly next year
  • digriz
    So the Prime Minister drinks Wife Beater huh? He is Tory though so probably dabbles with Mistress Beater too.
  • Mexican W.
    Wow. Four different ages quoted in the same article. Andy must be on the Stella.
  • The B.
    Bleedin' 'ell, £5 for 20? Try drinking in Chelsea, it's £5 a pint.
  • Pedant
    "Tins" WTF IS DIS REAL
  • digriz
    Not that I'm defending Andy, especially as he never sent me my book and Dolly Mixtures!!, but I think it's fair to say he was making a point about the Muppet in No10 plucking his figures out of thin air.
  • Tesco B.
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  • Adebisi
    Did he not blame the last government on this one?
  • PaulH
    Bollox - it doesn't mention anything about which councils have adopted it! As a Greater Manchester resident I want to know which areas t avoid when buying my Super Bock
  • PaulH
    Hang on a sec...when did Bitterwallet get a Twitter account!?...Why wasn't I privy to this info and all 1000+ followers where!
  • Lumoruk
    Is he not referring to the 3 cases of Stella for £15 offer in Tesco a while back?
  • Big A.
    This is the alcoholic liquid equivalent of his infamous campaign cry of "I met a guy the other day ..." Someone should challenge him, in person, to provide proof of this "20 tin of Stella for a fiver" deal and, if he can't produce it, to officially apologise for making shit up on the spot when it suits him. It'd be a long apology though.
  • Alex H.
    Can you ask Dave if its the full strength wife beater and not the crappy 4% piss Otherwise iamout
  • Dave P.
    "Posted by digriz | August 12th, 2010 at 10:41 am He is Tory though so probably dabbles with Mistress Beater too." He's a Tory so his mistress probably beats him...
  • a b.
    c/mon mod the fucking thing!!!!
  • -]
    wtf, some of my posts go through, but not others. cocaethylene.
  • -]
    Wonder which word is getting me moderated. Stella
  • -]
    Seems that the word Dåve gets me moderated. You're havin' a laugh, aintcha?!
  • Socialise B.
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