Potentially-copyright-infringing store of the week...

19 February 2011

As spotted in Mumbai, India. We're not sure that Mark Zuckerberg definitely gave this one the okay before it opened...


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  • Idi A.
    Well the shop's not moving so it is stationary I suppose.
  • hippy
    its a shop that sells books. your face is in a book when you read it, seems simple really. hardly infringing copyright into online social networking maybe.
  • kv
    or maybe this place was there first, and the social networking site breached the copyright
  • steve
    kv, you're thinking of apple. And as Idi pointed out, it should be stationery.
  • Bill B.
    Might I draw your attention to this then... http://picasaweb.google.com/m/zoom?uname=bill.bennett&aid=5470454673388869585&id=5470454919765574402&viewportWidth=320&viewportHeight=416
  • Billy
  • PokeHerPete
    Is this a new TV Burp feature? Mmm? Hey? Huh? Mmm?
  • Reverend J.
    My children, any local fruit shop tried to sue apple for using their logo? I hope so! but im not sure wankerberg will travel to that rat-infested hole due to infringement.
  • Nick T.
    Didn't Microspft once try forcing an engineering company in Manchester(?) to change its name because they called themselves Microsoft -- but then it turned out the engineering company had actually been around longer than Gates'? I wonder what happened to them?
  • Dutty W.
    Hey revererend, the only rat infested hole wankerberg wouldn't visit is your mother's dirty cunt, especially after your stepdad tore her a new one.
  • The B.
    I'll drop you a picture of the "Google Business Centre" down the road tomorrow, it's a cafe with WiFi, I'm amazed they've not had a cease and desist order.
  • steve
    Dutty Wine, I doubt Reverend's stepdad tore his mother a new cunt. Not when her arsehole is placed so conveniently close to the original.
  • Sandy y.
    Apple tried to force New York (also known as the Big Apple) to change the apple logo that N.Y. uses. Let's say that it didn't go over well.
  • The B.
    Dammit, forgot to take the photo as I was running late.
  • Mark C.
    This rather reminds me of when McDonalds decided to drop a cease-and-desist on a McDonald's tea shop in Scotland somewhere, that had been in the McDonald family for generations. Not to mention when Nike bizarrrely decided to rip-off the Hackney Council logo for a bunch of footy gear.

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