Peeple: the app where you can review human beings

1 October 2015

Judge this man
Judge this man

Do you like people you've potentially never met, judging you? Well, you could just get a Twitter account and say something (anything) about race, but that might not be enough for you. You might want a proper review, that stays on the internet for all to see.

Well, there's a new app in the works called Peeple, which aims to be something like TripAdvisor, only for human beings.

You'll get a 1 to 5-star rating in professional, personal and dating categories, so if you've angered anyone or have loads of sarcastic mates, you've had it. Your name will be dirt, and then you'll spend your entire life exacting revenge on anyone your mind can summon.

Developers Julia Cordray and Nicole McCullough have been reviewed quite harshly themselves, thanks to the announcement of this app. Their profiles are going to be a trial by fire, clearly. Some people have pointed out that this app will give people the opportunity to harass others.

On Facebook, in relation to these accusations, the Peeple page says: "Hey Visitors to our page: We hear you loud and clear. 1. You want the option to opt in or opt out. 2. You don't want the ability for users to start your profiles even if you would only get positive reviews if they did (Our app does not allow negative reviews for unclaimed profiles).

3. People are genuinely good even though Yelp has over 47 million reviews and all the users are anonymous and in that 47 million reviews there are 79% positive reviews. (We are not anonymous as users of the Peeple app which should make our positivity even higher than Yelp)
4. You want this available on Android too (We are building it now)"

The app launches next month and offers no way to remove yourself once someone has started rating you, which is nice. And there's no way of deleting your reviews either. This is not an opt-in service. Or an opt-out one for that matter. You're stuck with it, basically. Until someone with a bit of money sues Peeple, you suspect.

You can be added to the app and reviewed by anyone who has your phone number, and when someone adds you, you'll be notified via text, and that's it. You're doomed.

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