Paddy Power tweet in the sky for Ryder Cup

1 October 2012

Paddy Power are rather fond of guerilla marketing campaigns (remember Bendtner's underpants in summer?), and this weekend, they may have peaked with sky-written tweets of support for Team Europe in the Ryder Cup. The tweets, visible from over 20 miles, were written in clouds of smoke by stunt pilots. Each individual character was 200ft taller than the Shard skyscraper.


'Do It For Seve', 'Rory's Gonna Getcha' and 'We Believe' were written above the course. Paddy Power said: "In previous years we have seen shocking scenes of American crowds heckling and barracking the European players. Rather than take a leaf out of the book of our noisy rivals on the course, we've elevated support for Team Europe to the heavens! Our 'sky tweets' have given European fans the chance to have their messages seen on a massive scale, hopefully giving Olazabal and the guys a boost from home."


There's a video of how the sky-tweets were done here, and a pretty smart 360 degree gallery of some of the messages of support, here. What makes the European Ryder Cup win all the more brilliant, aside from this fun little promo stunt, is the fact that the American sporting press were writing stories like this before Europe came back and won the whole thing.


  • Dick
    I was listening to an american radio station over the internet and they were talking about the placement of Tiger Woods, saying it would be all over before Tiger was finished. How right they were.
  • Paul N.
    I have to say the connection to twitter is rather tenuous. What exactly made that tweeting? They selected tweets from their followers and then wrote it in the sky. I have never heard of crowd submissions referred to by the medium in which they were submitted before. "Paddy Power email in the sky", "Paddy Power mail letters in the sky", "Paddy Power telephone in the sky".
  • Jeremy
    I hate gophers.
  • Paddy M.
    [...] Click here for the full story [...]

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